In India, the word ‘Sadhu’ has a holy connotation – a man of abstinence. In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, ‘Sadhu’ means right, holy. (Sanskrit was the classical standard language of ancient India, and some of the oldest surviving Indo-European documents are written in Sanskrit. It is the language of Hinduism and is the classical literary language of India.) In Hinduism, a sadhu means a practitioner of yoga who has given up pursuit of the first three Hindu goals of life: kama (sanskrit for pleasure), artha (wealth and power) and dharma (duty). Imagine leading a life without pleasure wealth, power and responsibility.

This is true wellness, the kind that is felt from the inside. It’s a philosophy I have always believed in, and is a part of new book Have you ever wondered what a Sadhu seeks? The Sadhu dedicates himself to the achievement of moksha (liberation) through meditation and contemplation of God. It’s a pursuit of divinity. Their lives are unique, and most of what they do is beyond the grasp of the average person.

Would you like to live a life free of worries, healthy and not worry about weight loss? The simplicity of their lives is fascinating. Depending on your own perspective, you can call these men crazy or enlightened. They have some strange, but intriguing ways.

The key is balance – living a life that is balanced with the right exercise, food, sleep, work and relaxation. It involves being in harmony with yourself, your environment and your friends and family.

Having been raised in a religious Hindu family, I met sadhus at least once a month. They usually dressed in plain colors, orange or white. I followed that they kept their needs simple. My family sadhu lived in a smaller temple round the corner from my home in Mumbai city. A typical day for him started with a glass of water and a piece of bread for breakfast. Lunch consisted of a piece of fruit or vegetable and it was the same for dinner. A mat on the floor was all he needed at bedtime. Sadhus are guided by religion and ancient principles of perfection rooted in simplicity. The belief is the soul is the ocean of knowledge, power and bliss.

So if this appeals to you, think of simple ways to rebalance your life and step out of the box, where the only thought is weight loss. Fitness is a lot more than just weight loss. It is a way of living, it is a sense of contentment with who you are, where you came from, and the direction in which you are going.